Yane (Yet Another Noise Extenuator) is a video processing filter for VirtualDub. Yane uses the combined average/median algorithm in an attempt to suppress different kinds of artifacts appearing in a video (firstly edges of DCT blocks in MPEG-1/2/3/4-compressed files).

Yane in action:

Original image
Processed image

Yane is freeware. It is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License.

Download Yane v1.0 (ZIP, 104 KB, with C++ source)

New in the version 1.0:

  • Improved algorithm (the dynamic diameter approach)
  • YCbCr mode has been removed due to its slowness
  • Support for Sylia scripts (jobs)
  • Several minor improvements

Do not contact the author with meaningless and ridiculous problems, write me only if you have surely found a bug.

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